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Use lean to empower your customer touch points

From customized cars to customized interactions…

In 1909 Henry Ford said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”. Imagine the amazement of the Toyota factory manager 40 years later when he was asked to produce a different car for each customer.

With the arrival of large volumes of chap, reasonable quality products from countries like China, you need more than product variety to be a successful consumer company. Customer experience has become the next competitive battleground and many organizations miss out on revenue because they are unable to efficiently deliver consistent and relevant experience across all channels, products and functions to their prospects and customers.

Where better to optimize the experience than in the personal contact between consumer and personnel, i.e. employees of your own company, retailers and partners who jointly shape the experience around the product.

Just like lean propelled manufacturing by connecting production with demand and by dramatically improving efficiency, lean is the basis for effective consumer centric customer experience management. Lean methods is key to manage performance of customer facing staff:

  • Build knowledge and skill of employees;
  • Reduce overhead by empowering teams;
  • Increase ability to manage exceptions by empowering staff;
  • Introduce clear metrics on success ;
  • Introduce a culture of continuous focus on customer experience performance.

If lean becomes as widespread in customer management as it currently is in manufacturing, then society can look forward to huge productivity increases combined with strong improvement in customization and quality of the customer experience.

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