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Test drives: Failing the Test?


Car manufacturers spend millions of euros designing, manufacturing and marketing vehicles, but when a potential customer wishes to test drive one of these new cars, it’s often an elusive, frustrating experience. Now in its third year, the latest BearingPoint survey shows that the response to test drive requests is actually worsening in Europe. In an economic environment where every sale is vitally important, this comes as a real surprise when 50% of the test drive requests are not properly followed up.


Our survey shows that car brands in the Netherlands score on average a bit better, but still have a lot of room for improvement. Here 57% of all test drive request are followed up in 4 days, while 32% are not followed up at all.

Apparently it is too still complex to manage this process in the eco-system between the car importer and the various dealerships. But not all brands have such a poor performance. The best performer in the Netherlands achieves a 85% response of all test drive requests within 3 days, so it is possible. Can you imagine the impact on the business if that brand can also meet the average 18-20% conversion on these leads!

The other brands should focus on improving the basic test drive process, the collaboration between importer & dealership and incentivization of the follow-up. Once the pipeline is flowing, the next step is excellent hostmanship to turn the lead into a sell. 

Read more about the European survey in our whitepaper: Failing the Test?

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