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New lead generation models to improve your marketing effectiveness

With exponential growth of digital, lead generation is getting more challenging and dynamic than ever before. Interactive marketers increasingly aim to target consumers seamlessly across multiple touch points both on traditional and digital communication channels.

The new trends in lead generation pose challenges to current models for reaching consumers. It is more and more difficult to get consumer attention and engagement. Best practices of effective targeting and advertising show that new models for reaching consumers have higher ROI.

  • Time Inc. study found that young consumers switch between different media 27 times per hour, making their emotional engagement highly constrained. Therefore synchronised multi-screen advertising is the new way to reach the audience. Vodafone was able to increase market share by 6,9% using Voice of Holland to create emotional bond between TV watchers and the show participants (Vodafone mobile internet was the way to connect the two). It helped to increase the involvement of the viewers and make them part of the whole experience not only during the broadcast, but even far before.
  • Nowadays digital empowered consumers take control over what to see and what to hear. Traditional models of advertising fade while the new models allow to increase the media impact. Skipit is an example of giving the control over advertising to consumer and making targeting much more effective. Consumers can skip video ads for a small amount of money or by watching ads of brands that they love. Advertisers improve performance by not paying for ads served to the segment of consumers who don’t want it, strengthening the relevancy of their message to the target audience.
  • Paid, owned, and earned media is converging at a rapid pace, facilitating cross-channel integration in a consistent way. Gucci uses Pinterest to leverage its digital banner placements by letting consumers “pin” fall/winter 2012 apparel and accessories directly from the ads. Using banner ads to pin product images to personal Pinterest pages is an ideal way to make paid media work harder and turn banner clicks into earned social media.

We propose, that to cope with challenges posed by the new multi-channel environment, companies should embrace the new models of reaching consumers. Did your organization adjust its lead generation strategy? Share your experience by posting a comment below!

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