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Delegate service to your customers in order to strengthen the relationship

Customer Service is a more dynamic and challenging domain than ever before. Key trends, such as the increasing influence of closed Social networks, a mobile revolution and changing customer behavior, require customer service organizations to rethink their roll and customer approach. Standstill inevitably mean a decline in competitive position and increased risk for customer churn. One of the biggest Service challenge remains to pursue cost efficiency, excellent customer experiences and sales increase simultaneously. An important element of the solution is to delegate selected parts of your service to your customers through advanced self-service applications and customer forums. This not only meets a growing customer demand for better online and mobile service interactions, but also the need for organizational efficiency improvements.

Where savings are realized through “service delegation” organizations create an opportunity to invest in personal customer interactions that make a difference: moments-of-truth that will make customers more loyal. Objectives which are traditionally difficult to reconcile, can thus go together. Important for this is a clear customer strategy aligned with key stakeholders allowing the right investments and customer approach decisions. Further success factors include a management focus on the quality of the interaction and connection with clients, as well as hiring, developing and rewarding employees capable of servicing customers with true hostmanship.
Key customer development trends offer service organizations increasing challenges but also the opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors in the perception and loyalty of the customer!

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